Product Overview


Riso is the original and the world’s number one digital duplicator brand. The Riso Super Digital Duplicator, commonly known as the Risograph,  is a high-speed digital printing system manufactured by Riso Kagaku Corporation of Japan. Invented and developed by the company’s founder, Noboru Hayama, the Risograph is designed to bridge the gap between the photocopier and offset printing. Riso Kagaku Corporation is also the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s fastest full color inkjet printers, the ComColor Series and the Goccopro Digital Screen Printing Machine.

Digital Duplicators

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KZ 30
Riso KZ30
RISO CV 3230
SF 5230-1
Riso SF5230
SF 5130-1
Riso SF5130
SF 5250
Riso SF5250
SF 5330-1
Riso SF5330
SF 5350
Riso SF5350
SF 9350
Riso SF9350
Riso SE 9380
Riso ME 9350

Digital Screen Maker

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Riso Goccopro 100
Riso Goccopro QS200

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