Copylandia Co-Hosts Riso Asia Pacific Meeting

by dev-site - May 26, 2015
For 22 years, Copylandia has been distributing Risographs all over the Philippines. The Company became its exclusive distributor in 1993 and is now a leading provider in the Philippine Printing Industry.

Every year, Riso Kagaku Corporation holds an Asia Pacific Meeting where representatives from Riso and all it’s distributors from different countries in the Asia Pacific Region gather to exchange inputs and ideas in making their Riso business grow and expand in their respective countries. Riso also takes this time to introduce new technologies and products to their distributors and to award their top performing distributors in the region. Last year, Copylandia was the best performer for both Risograph and ComColor sales for FY 2013-2014.

For several years, the Riso Asia Pacific Meeting was being held in Tokyo, Japan; this year however was an exception. Because of Copylandia’s impressive performance for both their Risograph and ComColor sales, the Asia Pacific Distributors were brought to Manila for this year’s Asia Pacific Meeting. This gave other distributors a chance to see how they could improve their Risograph and ComColor business just as Copylandia did.

The Asia Pacific Meeting was a three-day event held from May 25-27. On the evening of the 25th, the distributors gathered at the Manila Polo Club Terrace for a welcome dinner, and to enjoy Filipino hospitality, in a night of music and dancing.

The next day marked the official start of the Asia Pacific meeting. The distributors discussed and shared their success stories for both their Risograph and ComColor businesses. Distributors also got a chance to take a look at Copylandia’s ComColor Bus, a 30-seater Toyota Coaster that has been retrofitted into a showroom on wheels. Onboard the bus is a full size ComColor 9150 with a Multifunction finisher that allows automatic folding and stapling.

In last year’s Asia Pacific Meeting in Tokyo, Copylandia CEO and President, Feliciano Juarez Jr. shared with his fellow distributors Copylandia’s success story with the ComColor bus. A number of distributors were impressed and now have their own ComColor buses as well, which they happily admit helped them successfully introduce the ComColor in their own markets.

The last day of the Asia Pacific Meeting was held at the Manila Peninsula Garcia-Villa/Balagtas function rooms where different representatives from Riso Kagaku Corporation discussed their support programs for the distributors for the next fiscal year. The Meeting was capped off with a farewell dinner at the Spices Restaurant of the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

In this year’s Asia Pacific Meeting, Copylandia was once again awarded as the best performer for Risograph sales and the second best performer for ComColor sales following Taiwan for FY 2014-2015. Presenting the awards for the top performing distributors were Mr. Yasuhiro Takahashi, Managing Director for Riso Kagaku Corporation and Mr. Soichiro Hashimoto, General Manager for Asia Pacific of Riso Kagaku Corporation.

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