Copylandia Launches New ComColor Truck

by dev-site - October 20, 2014

Have you seen the spanking new ComColor Truck?

Copylandia Office Systems Corporation recently acquired the latest vehicle for its service fleet, a 2014 model Mitsubishi Canter delivery truck. Nicknamed the “ComColor Truck”, the Canter joins the famous ComColor Caravan as the newest vehicle to carry the ComColor branding.

The ComColor truck proudly showcases two of the RISO ComColor‘s groundbreaking attributes: the world’s fastest printing speed as seen by the F1 racing theme on the left side, and the lowest full-color printing cost in the market, as shown on the right side. The 3D effect is intended to turn heads to more effectively convey the ComColor printer’s revolutionary printing technology to the public.


The design was conceptualized by Avin Ugay, Copylandia’s Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications. “Company vehicles are highly effective advertising mediums. As a game-changing piece of technology, the ComColor printer deserves more than just an ordinary delivery vehicle. Hence, we designed the ComColor Truck to be just as innovative as the product it carries.”


The design was brought to life by the talented graphic artists of the Marketing Department, led by Senior Artist James delos Santos. The brand new truck joined the Copylandia delivery fleet last September. It is the third to carry the new ComColor design, after the success of the two ComColor buses currently on tour nationwide.

Keep an eye out for the new ComColor Truck as it makes its way around the metro!

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