Product Overview


PF-P3200 Folding Machine

The Horizon PF-P3200 paper-folding machine is extremely easy to use, features push-button set-up and can be used to create all the folds you need. This includes the single fold, double fold, short fold, letter fold, gate fold and many others. It can even be used to create a cross fold and a DL fold. Simply select the fold you need to create, from the control panel, and let the machine do the rest. It is fast, effective and accurate.

The PF-P3200 has a large 550 sheet feed tray, allowing you to set a stack of paper in this machine for continuous operation. Not only does the Horizon PF-P3200 have automatic settings for common folds, it can also be used to store up to 8 custom jobs! A stacking conveyor, on the exit tray of the machine, keeps folded material neat and organized.


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